Computer Support Services in Calgary

Your Calgary business uses computers and over time you expect more from your computers as well as the facts that over time computers do not work as efficiently as possible and need to have the information "backed up" so if your computer fails, you don't lose what is inside. Large companies can have a dedicated staff of technical support people to service servers, computers, and peripherals but a small business can not afford dedicated staff just for this.

This is a service that I can supply to you here in Calgary.

Using a "Service Level Agreement" we can together setup a maintenance plan that will have you paying only for services when you need them and also have an on call person ready to come to your office on very short notice to get you up and running quickly if problems arise. Some of the services we offer are:

  1. Server backups
  2. Computer backups
  3. Computer servicing (hard drives, CD roms, video cards, etc.)