Realtor Marketing

Realtors have a history of marketing themselves and properties, some very good some very bad and a lot in the middle.

Now the tide is turning. One of the fallback positions to marketing was door knocking and cold calling one of which is now partially prohibited in the U.S. (guess which one) and the other, door knocking has its days numbered.

The best real way of marketing is to have a loyal following of Clients, both past and future and to keep contact with them through the long sales cycle between homes. The internet is really the most cost efficient and automated way to keep in contact with people. Using e-newsletters and weblogs and many other ways of keeping in touch with people. We can have a great effect on customer decision making as well as that of their associates, friends and families. The real future of marketing is through Permission Marketing.

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Here is a breakdown on the information I will be posting on this page and more pages over the next few months:


This is the beginning of a brand new start for you as a Realtor. I would like to introduce you to a whole new way to market yourself as a Realtor. The focus of this page is to teach you the technology and the marketing that will set you apart from all others in your field (I will now let you remember back to all of those "outstanding in his field" ads).

A system that has been incredibly successful for marketing in other businesses and is set to revolutionize the Real estate business for Realtors across North America is making a difference for a growing number of Realtors. These are dramatically changing times with the personal computer and the internet becoming the cornerstone for effective marketing in retension and growing your market share. I will over time try to provide you with freely downloadable information, if there is anything missing or information that you have not seen and are looking for feel free to email me and let me know.
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Chicken or the egg? Which is it in the real estate business? We all know that listings are the "name of the game" but if no one bought a house no one would sell a house either. When you look at the way we start in the real estate business most people start out working with first time buyers, what if there was a strategy for find new buyers?


Working with sellers used to involve sitting open house running ads and sending out flyers. Realistically these were all bad forms of personal marketing...I think we can really do better. By using a more methodical approach and leveraging the MLS system we can let the technology we have now work better for us in the future.


Technology is one of the two thrusts of this site. Technology has come a long way in the Real Estate business over the last twenty years. Back in the eighties it was about having a computer to write letters, in the nineties things were even more exciting with many Realtors having a computer at the office or home and building their customer database and making flyers to send to that database. Now things are even more exciting with Realtors using laptops for listing presentations, Blackberrys for pulling listings on the road and the web holding all of the things we do together.


There are two kind of referrals client and Realtor. Client referrals make all the difference as we build our business becuase we really get to rely on our past actions, Realtor referrals are important as well although usually mostly to real estate companies in promoting their national conventions.
Anyone that would like me to add them to a referral list on this website is free to do so, just email me and let me know what your city and province/state are and your home page. I would rather not put peoples email addresses on this site as that would make a yummy page for email harvesters to get more addresses to spam


There is a new way of marketing that is one of the two thrusts of this site. The main method of finding servicing and following up with clients was based on a method of marketing that is on the way out. Interuption is what we have done. You cold call or door knock or mail out flyers to a farm area and then you follow up by more phone calls on your schedule. Thanks to this method of marketing we have seen many angry people create legisltion and do not call lists to stop telemarketing. There is a better way to do this and that is by having people opt in and be your cheerleaders for your services.


I would like to supply you with the tools to be a great Realtor but my depth of knowlege is strongest in the fields of technolgy and marketing. To be fair to you as a Realtor I can refer you to other sites and trainers to get the help you need in the other areas of the business but will add a few things for you here.