Computer Networking in Calgary

One computer just connects to the Internet but two or more computers need more than just a connection to the internet there are many advantages of working as a group. You have the opportunity to share files, send email between each other as well as having a central place to backup all files.

It used to be that only large Calgary companies could afford to have these advantages but now more and more people are interested in having a home network or even a wireless home network and I have the knowledge and experience to make sure this is done right and securely for your piece of mind.

Microsoft offers certifications proving knowledge in corporate computer networking called the MCSE program. Not only have I obtained the MCSE certification but have also committed to keeping abreast with other technologies so I can stay committed to getting you up and running efficiently and in the shortest period of time at a reasonable price.

Another service that this allows me to offer is the support of an existing computer network either in a home or office. Sometimes things are not working quite right and I can quickly get these non functioning systems back up and running