Eliminating Spyware In Calgary

Spyware is a real mess these days and any time I go to someones house here in Calgary to work on their computer I am finding more and more and some of the bad stuff getting into peoples computers is more malicious than ever before.

There are many ways to get spyware on youor computer but the most common are by accepting and running certain programs that as a function of their performance must send info back to the home site such as Gator or to a lesser but more dangerous way Cool Web Search. The other way is by going to web pages that install bad active X controls (as opposed to helper applications that may be wanted) or opening up controls accidently in your email. Most of the time a person does not even know how they got the Spyware on their PC and over time the computer gets slower and slower.

The best way to rid yourself of spyware is to use one of many programs that clean out the registry of your Windows PC. The most common programs that seem to work best are Lavasoft Adaware and Spybot. Both of these programs are free for personal use and work very well. No one product seems to be 100% effective yet as there are new ways that computers are being infected on a daily basis. Your best bet is to clean as well as you can and scan again once a month or even get a technician in to do a more thorough cleaning.

If I come out to your home ofr business here in Calgary I can access, clean, and protect and finally get your computer back up and running the way it was when you first bought it.