Marketing in Calgary

Marketing is the critical piece of your business that makes the difference between shopping for buyers and sellers and actually working with them

Over the last few years there have been a few new systems that have worked best for finding and keeping customers and clients. The first great system was mailing lists. Contemporary mailing lists were great as long as you were effective in your marketing, if not it was more often than not a waste of a stamp even if we never really thought of it that way. One of the real problems with old style leaflet type marketing is that consumers are bombarded with so many marketing images every day, from TV and radio to billboards,bus benches magazines and newspapers.

The next great step in marketing was email. Mass email marketing to a paid list of thousands or even millions of strangers was great because you could get in contact with a great number of people virtually for free, but as your mailbox probably attests this is not only ineffective but even more importantly is seen as an offensive way of contacting prospective customers.

The latest stab at getting and keeping customers is through permission marketing. Permission means that you never invade someone's mailbox or computer unless you have been asked first. There is great upside to using permission in more ways than just directly with sales.

Permission marketing allows you to orchestrate a point of presence and have influence that has never been possible before and gives you a great feeling about sending email as you know that it is being received readily and even anticipated. A permissioned customer is also much more willing to refer you and your services to people that he has an influence with and this is even better than you have could expect from neighbors and family members let alone people you may have never personally met.

I can not only show you more about this great new style of email or newsletter marketing and even set up systems to automate your contact management as well as enhance your customers experience of dealing with you.