Computer Upgrades

Everyone knows that the day after you buy a computer a better one will come out. The home computer industry is very fast moving and even though you may have a two year old computer you should have some kind of options to make it a better computer for what you do.

I was shopping around calgary helping my sister and brother in law buy a computer a few weeks ago and came face to face with some of the very bad scare tactics that many of the computer salespeople use around town to scare people into upgrading their computer. Many times your computer is perfect for what you need it for but it is just running poorly. I myself have a three year old computer at home and for what I use it for it is great.

Most modern computers allow some upgrades so that a year or two after you buy your computer you can upgrade it to the newest and best or at least something close to it. All tech professionals buy a computer knowing that we will be upgrading it at a later date so when we buy we look at future upgrade options as part of the buying decision.

The most common upgrades are hard drives, memory, monitors CPUs sound cards and video cards. After looking at what your prime needs for your computer are I can suggest what would be the most economical and effective upgrades would be for you. Here in Calgary we are blessed with many computer parts retailers and price is no longer an object when buying parts, you will get your parts as cheap as any pro. Here in Calgary or in Airdire I can come to your home and check your computer and see what upgrades are most important and then come back and do the hardware installation for you.

If you want to see what is available then just Visti this link and you will be taken to this weeks great deals of the day at Tiger Direct.