Web Design

You may have seen in your searches on the interent that many Calgary companies have a website. The fact is that many companies have a site but not many have a great method for finding and keeping customers. The real goal of a company website in Calgary should be to find and keep those customers. Wether you keep up with current news and specials or find new customers by getting your prodcuts and services onl9ne you have to make the changes to monetize your site as well as you can.

A presence on the web is one of the most important growth decisions that a Calgary company can make. In the last decade we saw many companies come on to the web and generate huge valuations without any profits and at times even without product leaving their warehouse. Over the last several years it has become obvious that this business model does not work in most industries. The present and future on the Internet is so called "brick and mortar", companies selling products not only in stores but also on the web.

The first step forward in technology for most Calgary companies is to create an Internet presence, this first step is to have contact information on the Internet as well as some corporate information relating to type of business and company policies for customers. The next step is more expensive to setup and maintain but is definitely the more directly profit oriented and that is e-commerce, the basic idea is to get all of your products and services not only listed on your web site but also to sell them there. This e-commerce system as an addition to the regular operating of a business is very profitable!

Besides web site maintenance costs there is very little overhead to the sales that you do on the Internet with automation going all the way to even having customers paying for shipping. Not only do the public like this system of purchasing products but many people will buy a significant percentage of there good only online.